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As a sponsor of the Hardin County Fair, you’re investing in your own community while presenting your products or services to a Hardin County population that is fiercely supportive of their local businesses and community.

We’d love to talk about how you can become a part of our fair family.

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How would you like to partner with us as a sponsor? It's ok if you're not sure, we have some ideas too!

Please see the following for more information about the levels of contribution available to sponsors:

Blue Ribbon: $2,500 Sponsorship

  • Event Title Sponsor

  • 2 - 3’x6’ Banners at the Event Venue

  • Mid Track Placement of Banners

  • Logo on Website and Event Information

  • Hyperlink on Website to Sponsor’s Website

  • Minimum of 20 PA Mentions During the Event

Red Ribbon: $1,000 Sponsorship

  • 1 - 3’x6’ Banner at Event Venue

  • Logo on Website

  • Minimum of 10 PA Mentions During the Event

White Ribbon: $500 Sponsorship

  • 1- 3’x’6’ Banner at the Event Venue

Yellow Ribbon: $100 Sponsorship

  • Name Listed on Two Different Signs Located at Various Spots on Fairgrounds